Coaching, Consulting, Moderation –

Personal, in teams or big groups.


Create spaces. Spaces for friction / spaces to decide. Time to make something happen and promote dialogues. Development comes from within your inner circles. Because strength needs food. Because progress requires courage. Because letting go costs strength, because new things can create fear. Because we are human. My package for you: your model kit. I accompany your change as it suits you. Modular, we build what belongs together and tear in what has no place.

For medium sized organizations

Individually in the protected area. Playful and solution-oriented in the team. All together: give life to visions. As a partner by your side, whenever you need me.

There are always small and big changes.

They do not always have to hurt. Let's get started! "

At some point you are familiar with the change.

We can also take big steps without having to tear down walls. Let's start!

For company groups

# Cultural change + new work models
# (Re)vitalize visions
# Agile team development + coaching
# Conception, implementation, communication
# Agile project management
# Quality + knowledge management

# Big groups moderation
# Connect diversity
# Intercultural cross-linking
# Agility training + Blended agile Learning
# Shadowing, coaching, consulting for agile teams
# Digitisation + innovative IT

"There are always smaller and bigger changes. 

They don't always have to hurt. Let's start now!"

For Manager and Agile Specialists

# Agile Tools for an improved agile mindset
# Personal application check
# Practice fields + implementation support
# Accountability Partnership
# Work live integration
# Ambassador roles

Innovation Lab

# Customized product development
# Prototyping / testing / documenting
# Big group events, World Café, Barcamps,
# Meetups, Battles, Open Spaces
# Concept + Implementation + follow-up
# Community building

One day you get use to the change.

We can also do big steps  without tearing down walls. Let's start!


Questions from my Customers



give Visions a live.

Acute shortage of skilled professionals. How do I become so attractive as a medium-sized company that my employees want to come and stay? How do we solve our location problem, are there not quite different models of cooperation for us today? What does this change mean for our work and corporate culture?