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terms + conditions

terms + Conditions

All services are delivered based on below terms and conditions. With acceptance of the offer you agree to the same.

Workshops are designed based on maximum 12 participants. List of participants to be provided one week before the workshop.
One day is 8 hours and one half is 4 hours.

Personal coaching is designed based on 1 or 2 participants. It will be billed based on time and effort - minimum 2 hours based on half hour steps.

All fees are exclusive of VAT.

Equipment + documentation

All information in the context of our cooperation will be stored in electronic, written and other ways.

I agree to use all information about your company only for the purpose of our consulting and to treat it confidentially.

Photo documentation of the coaching will be sent as PDF file and by email.

Facilities and equipment on site:
Location: at client´s facilities. Clarification about the equipment will be given in a separate phone call prior to the workshop.

Remuneration Conditions

The basis of our work is always a service contract, I owe you the provision of consulting in the amount of hours booked.
I can not offer legal advice. All given consultations must therefore be checked for legal validity.

For presence time as well as phone calls, preparation and follow-up, creation and strategy work in my office (eg workshop conception, material preparation, organization and administration).

25% Down payment prior to first appointment, balance amoint payable 14 days after invoice receipt. Invoicing on monthly base.

2% Cash discount will be granted based on single payment of 100% of the invoice within 10 days and prior to first appointment.

Travel Expenses

Will be charged if no other appointment:

  • Travelling by train: based on regular train ticket (return, 2. class)as mentioned in internet.

  • Travelling by car: based on 0,30 € per driven kilometer.

  • Travelling by aircraft: I try to avoid using the aircraft in order to be more sustain. Any flight expenses will be  discussed with you prior to booking.

  • Further travel expenses (Taxi to location or from location to airport, Hotel or Train station, others): based on expenses.

  • Accommodation costs: based on actual costs, but max. 120 € per night.

In case of several appointments in your regions, costs will be shared within the parties. I will keep you informed about my schedule in your region.


Up to 10 working days before: fees for travel and accommodation costs may apply
9 - 2 days before: 30% of the costs
48 hours before: 100% of the costs or on appointment.