Graduate engineer (textile), quality manager, team designer, moderator. Ambassador and Courage Maker

in terms of real agility - used meaningfully.

"It's nice if you make change, and the good people stay!"



I am fast

+ i love my privacy.

Isabelle Ayere, Quamé
Since 2016

Teams +


Since 2015

Consultant + Coach

Self employed

Cultural change + new working models
Agile team development + coaching
Conception, implementation, communication

Self employed

Courage Maker, Free Room Creater, Consultant,
Acountability Partner Focus on Implementation
Support, Mindful Management of Own Resources +


IT + QM Projects

2015 - 2017

Freelance Consultant, neusta consulting Hamburg
SAP Transformation project: Migration preparation +
Project consulting MS Navision to SAP ERP

2013 - 2015

Quality Consultant Technical Competence Center
Softlines, Hermes Hansecontrol Hamburg

Conept for group internal Laboratory testing
Implementation of software controlled testing
Product specification follow-up projects in reporting

Optimization of a returns management software

Representation in the project team in-house PDM


Project Lead

Teijin Frontier GmbH Hamburg

Product development + purchasing
Functional clothing in the high + middle price

TMS Group Bogor Indonesien

Coordination Materials Management + Order
Processing, successful expansion of the Young
Fashion segment












Foreign Countries

Asmara Int. Ltd. Bogor Indonesien

Product development, order planning, product groups
Knitwear + Flatknit

Tom Tailor Group Hamburg

Product development + production release
Support in the project tex-define PDM Introduction

HAW Hamburg

Diplom Ingenieur (FH) Bekleidungstechnik

Diplomarbeit: "Prozessoptimierung in der Auftragsabwicklung Grenzen + Chancen zwischen den Kulturen am Beispiel einer indonesischen Einkaufsagentur mit deutschen Auftraggebern"

Asmara International Limited Bogor + Bandung Indonesien

insgesamt 9-monatige Praktika

Stay abroad Bogor Indonesia with travel activities

Grown intercultural with West African father and family
relations to Chile.

17 Years


10 Years


I'm burning for change! Often people look at me with skepticism: "You are bored already? Can you stay with just one thing to do?“ Of course - I can, still - I can evolve! Almost everyone in my family works in the public sector or with insurance companies - I'm more likely to be the exotic one here: so I took my African father as a model, my goal was to go abroad for work! It is important to me to keep my balance. Keep what is good and be brave for new things. As a single parent, there was never any doubt for me that work and private life can be more then combined: they are conditioned! I can release such energy for my project, only when I am balanced.

My mental power, speed and flow I got from horse riding. Then I have the best ideas. Horse riding means for me freedom and reflection of soul in one.

-     20 years textile: I love the drive in this industry: agility in its purest form, prototyping in the chord, people, people, people. Here I can realize creativity with quality and iterations in the collection rhythm. Where else will trendy, functional and compliant products be implemented within a few weeks?

-    17 years IT: Our agile pioneers have made it! Under harshest conditions, enormous time pressure and with (in former times) non-agile ways of working: mostly rather introverted IT freaks who programmed independently of each other. Ergo: If they could, we can do it today!

20 Years



DGQ Community Management

Training for Moderators of circle of experts.

Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop, Brussels


Certified Team developer
Group dyamic, systemic
+ humanistic
psychological Concepts

Institut für berufliche Bildung IBB AG

Certified Quality Manager

Further education

Management Circle AG

Seminar - product liability + Quality Management

IHK Hamburg

Seminar - Project Management

Business Coaching - Simone Schwartz, Hamburg:

Executive Development + Communikation Conflicts

KWB Koordinierungsstelle Weiterbildung + Beschäftigung e.V.

Coaching - Hamburger Karriereschmiede - Women in


Of course my team is agile too. It consists of experienced project managers, coaches, consultants, presenters, ambassadors, facilitators. Especially in cultural change projects or for large group events, this well-rehearsed diversity and impact force are needed. Here are some of my closest partners:

Andrea Kaden

"Be as lean as you would like others to be!“
Zeitgewinn Hamburg

Andrea Kaden is Digital Change Agent, Efficiency Trainer, Speaker and Advocate Lean Digital Office.

She burns for process optimization and slim digital working. With pep, highest professionalism and focus on the simple, Andrea brings lightness and speed into the digital transformation of your company.

Her attentive view of the people behind the processes, takes everyone along, encourages people to built their creative approaches to digital collaboration and their attitudes in the workplace.

• She is engaged since 20 years in idea management, continuous improvement, kaizen, efficient processes and digital work.

• Independent for 10 years with heart and soul, skin and hair.

Together with Andrea, visions become concrete and goals realistic. Through her, I have learned to make my dreams come true - NOW!

With her positive drive and hands-on spirit, the collaboration with Andrea always brings exciting results - she is Green Lean in Person for me!

Claudia Pastorino

Business Consultant - Team builder
Concla – Business Consultancy

"Stay tuned! - Do not underestimate private and interpersonal relationships, but always reflect on yourself and others, which ensures the success of your company!"

What I like about Claudia? Her uncomplicated open style - straight into the heart. As a Chilean, who has managed to succeed in Germany and to preserve her Chilean identity, she is the perfect networker. Her motto: Do it - NOW!

in start-up and change consulting: Use fail positively and start again, with strength and courage. That's her strength!

As a consultant and coach, she knows that change is perceived as successful for us if we permit friction in the team and learn to live divergence.

  • Claudia Pastorino has 25 years of intercultural competence for countries from South America, Spain and Germany

More than 15 years of start-up consulting for entrepreneurs as well as team foundations.

Her clear view of small and large obstacles in the group makes it pleasantly easy to quickly identify where the shoe presses. And: to find solutions with a smile in the eyes.