Isabelle Ayere

For Medium sized organizations

# Cultural Change + new working models
# Agile team development + coaching
# Conception, implementation, communication

Organization in transition:

Development is the next step

and this step is absolutely necessary!

Pressure from outside is increasing: We want - we have to change something!

AgilitY with sense.

Agility with sense. And everybody starts helping.

Real agility is based on a solid foundation: the proven can stay in middle of constant change. People are allowed to catch their breath. Everyone may continue to be as he is. Not only the way of working changes. Of course, leading as well.

My agility carries people along - and leads them into a new We: where agile and stable roles go hand in hand, where the idea of community is lived, where action is taken quickly and also the second mistake is forgiven.

Because agility takes time.

„Agile is not always agile. Although 60% use agile methods,

only 40% have the necessary agile mindset, culture and values.

Outside of IT, the latter only manage 10%.

And few people really take people with them.“

I stand for agility that works and take people along.

Many people are aware of agile artifacts. But what matters is the mindset, both in agile teams and in companies: our new understanding of roles, values, culture, appreciation, and responsibility. To develop and live this bottom up + top down - in leading position as well as in transformer roles, that's what I'm burning for.

I always focus on the big long-term strategies paired with immediate micro-steps,

and especially on the people who (should) live them.

Because agility always starts with the first step:

Do it. Let's get started!

Let’s talk - now!

Isabelle Ayere + Team



Meet The Team

Andrea Kaden

Efficiency Trainer / Digital Change Maker
Zeitgewinn Hamburg

Claudia Pastorino

Business Consultant - Team organizer
Concla – Formation Consultant